Nowadays, it seems like everyone is wrapped up in his/her own group of social networks. There's twitter, Facebook, google+, and even myspace; for those of you who are still looking for interesting ways to use the blink tag. The blink tag itself was part of the excitement of the internet at that time and every beginning textbook or html class had an example of how to "best" use it (Hint: Never). Another annoying aspect of being on the internet at that time were the Signatures placed in your outgoing emails. I can understand that a company wants to advertise that they provide free email, but shouldn't the fact that I sent the email via or be enough? To top it off, a lot of free email providers, at the time, where smashed by an assortment of issues like demand for more space and functionality (POP, IMAP, Address Book, etc) and the dreaded SPAM. 

Personally, I was more than excited to get a google mail address (Does anyone else call it that?) and only logged into my old account to look at all the spam to remind me of how good I have it now.

Well, Yahoo! has slowly turned the situation around. The first thing they did was offer free IMAP and contact synchronization to iPhone users. This was great if you had an iPhone, but if you were a regular user you still had to use the web interface if you wanted to send an e-mail, unless you paid for Yahoo! Mail Plus. 

Then wonders upon wonders, Yahoo opened up IMAP free for everyone and eliminated the mountains of spam that onceI get. All without that little signature at the bottom that tells people I'm sending email from the '90s.

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