When I thought about Steve Jobs and how he impacted my life, I thought about how his passion for things drove him to be the person he is. Then I thought about my passions and took some time to write down some of my interests.

Tech Interests

Programming on the mac


For me this is more than a little sentimental. I also like the syntax as I like the idea that it takes from smalltalk.


"They" say that you should know at least on scripting language. For some reason, python calls to me more than Ruby. I think it's the contriran in me that wants that doesn't want to do what everyone else is doing.

Also Python has bindins in lldb.


I enjoy the theory of programming languages. My favarite classes were "programing languages" where you learned the evolution of different languages and how they differ.

The second was compiler theory where we built a very basic clone of the c language

Web development


I'm not claimig to be a designer, but I remember the time when you had to surf the internet using a dial up modem and how it seemed to take a long time to get information.

One of these pains of that time were sights that used real play or images for everything. There were people offering classes on how to optimize websites, because it was impossible to do anything until it loaded.

It got me thinking about what would happen if the pictures never loaded? How can they use it? What if I had trouble using the mouse? I have a number of friends who have asked this same question and I'm reminded of this issue everytime I try to use the computer with my kids in my lap.


I love the idea of specificing what things are really supposed to mean. If you look at my website now, you should be going to a clean design that easy for people to read.

Other Mac Stuff

There are tons of great software on all platforms, but it seems like all my favorites are on the mac due to how well they seem to work standalone or together.

Automator & Applescript

I play with the idea of using these two tools more.

Personal Interests


I like to put my ideas into words. I sometimes imagine differn storis (such as action films and children's books) and scenerios (mostly how I would do something different or an argument with someone).

One of my issues is sitting down to write. I critique my writing before I even begin and then I let myself get lost in the tools of writig more than the writing itself. Currently, I'm fighting over what's the best place to keep my notes.


Am I being the best me that I can be?

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