In the past, I've thought about becoming my own boss and running a small business where I make up the rules and direct my energy and focus on something that I enjoy. True, starting out, I would probably have to submit myself to the whims of whatever customers I'd potentially have, but I have a desire to have more control over my career. Not saying that people who work for others don't have that kind of control, so much as to say that I've met more than a few people who want have expressed thoughts of "why did they do this or that" at all the companies I've been at1.

Recently, I've come across a job posting for a programming position at Intel and wanted to apply for it. If I get selected for an interview and get past that there is a programming test with a catch2...

... IF I FAIL, not only will I not get hired. I won't be able to interview with Intel again for an undefined time.

Now, I understand why Intel has done this there are a lot of people out there looking for jobs who look good on paper and may do well in an interview. How do you reduce the amount of people you have to look at if there is a chance that someone who bubbled up from the heap comes back?

It is making me pause.

But my final thought is, I could apply and not get the job or I could sit here and do nothing garuntee I won't get it.

  1. I know that sometimes this is because the people running the company have a wider vision then those in the the trenches. Still, we shouldn't blindly trust that the ones steering the ship can see the reefs below. 

  2. From a little birdy. 

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