Today marks the one week aniversary of my 250 words project and I have to say that I'm not only proud of what I've done but very thankful to have done it. Honestly, when you look at all the new habits that people attempt to start every year, I think this one is not only reasonably attainable but one of the most personal. Sometimes, I think about what kind of legacy I'm going to leave and wether or not my children will really know who I am as a person. Maybe they can read over some of these entries and get a better insight over who I am.

In other personal news, I met up with my dad today and he asked that I attempt to reconnect with my brother and call my mother more. I've tried multiple time with my mom and everytime the situation gets worse. I feel that somewhere along the line we disconnected (way before I went to college) and don't know how to communicate on a deeper level then wishing each other well.

My brother...

The last thing he intentionally1 said to me was "Fuck You, Mandaris". That was on my birthday and that is where our relationship stands.

Other than that, my dad also said I should go to grad school and made a compelling argument that it would help my career. I told him I'd think about it.

  1. The only other time was when he called my parents' place and I picked up the phone. 

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