My wife's sister has just had a horrible experience attempting to get her car fixed. The problem all started when she had a car accident one night1 and the car was totaled. Others would have cut their loses then and there, but I think that because this was the first car that she bought with her own money she saw it as something worth saving2 and has literally spent enough money in repairs that she probably could have bought a new one.

I really feel sorry for her. The world does not have an easy way of telling us wether or not something is good deal and when it comes to mechanics, even if they are honest, it doesn't mean that they know what they are doing. I've run into my fair share of people who simply want to make the most money they can from you. I've heard people say that the price for anything is "what the customer can afford".

What are we doing to each other? It seemed like "Honest work for honest pay" is a forgotten concept in our ever consumer focused world.

  1. It was raining and she was speeding while talking on her cell phone in a sharp turn. She still says that it's not her fault. 

  2. Some would say that are other things that she invests her money and time into but always seem to fail her, but that's a huge bucket of flesh eating worms that I'm not even going to look at. 

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