Recently, management for our complex sent out an email to all the residents that people should be cleaning up after their pets. What's the deal people? I think that if you decide to have a pet you must understand that you have a responsibility to not only feed and clean it but to clean up after it. Another thing that sucks is that I just got a dog so when I walk by my neighbors I get te stink eye because I'm going to be grouped up with the other dog owners who leave the little surprises everywhere.

I need to come up with a way to relax

I was hoping that this journaling thing would help me relax, but since I made a commitment of writing 250 everyday, it can be difficult on some days to come up with something to write and the stress of trying to think of something in the last moment has been somewhat stressful.

With the last couple of weeks of employment come up, I've been increasingly stressed out about it and I think I'm transfering some of those negative emotions into my marriage.

Not good.

Not only is it not fair and will only cause more problems, but it does nothing to reduce the initial problem.

Dance, Baby, Dance!

So it looks like, I've been given the OK to go dancing again next week by the wife. She's kind of the jeolous type, but -aparently- I've been so stressed that she'd rather have me go out and blow off some steam then have me brooding at home.

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