Today was another great day for dancing. I went to the lindy hop lesson again and I think I did pretty good on most of the drills except for the lindy circle and I rediscovered that I have a small issue where I pull a follow out of their anchor step. It's weird to be reminded that there is a little "and" before you start dancing. I met a couple good people during the dance and it was great meeting people who dance for the sheer enjoyment of it versus trying to meet people.

I think I've matured quite a bit because I didn't get stuck in my own head and compare myself against every other dancer including what I imagined what I was able to do during my "glory days". I just took it as a chance to have fun and work on my basic1.

The eyes have it

My daughter has a bug bite on her eye and it's swollen up pretty bad. Today, after I picked her up, she told me about how all the kids were asking about it. I don't know exactly how she felt, so I tried to let her know that she'll be alright and that the other kids just wanted to make sure that she was alright. Luckily, the eye is getting better.

  1. I honestly feel that a follow would rather have a great experience doing basic moves then a lousy one with lots of moves that drive her crazy. That isn't to say a follower won't enjoy a good turn or two. 

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