Today was a great day.

Truly great.

The family went to funderland and had a wonderful time going on the little rides. It's at these times that I really realize that time isn't going to stand still. Already, some of the rides are too small for my oldest and I worry that the simple things in life won't be enough to entertain them. That doesn't mean they'll want to go bungie jumping next year, but it could certainly make things different if they would rather sit at home and play video games then spend some time at the park.

Recently, my oldest has been wanting to play the game Cooties and it's been fun interacting with her. I think I've mentioned that I have trouble sometimes interacting with her and I want to spend as many chances as I can to let my children know who I am.

Dance Shape

My wife and I have made up after a couple days of quite rioting and we've both decided that I needed more ways of reducing stress. So, I'll be going dancing on a more regular basis 1. The thing about this is that I'm starting over. When I'm on the floor it feels like I've never danced before. All I can remember is how to keep my hands in the right spot (so I don't get slapped) and how to keep rhythm.

Every dance, I'm winded and I feel muscles that haven't been used in years burn with awakening. It hurts me physically, but my pride is swelling.

  1. Meaning the next couple fridays or ... 

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