The wife had basically kicked me out and said that I needed some time alone and she wanted some time with the girls. Up until this point, we had been in a silent one sided argument over whether or not a certain someone should wear chapstick on their lips because it causes the other party to have a split lip. So I called up my friend, Nick, and made plans for tonight.

At first I was amprehensive. I haven't danced in years and I have a tendency to be very hard on myself and this sometimes gets compounded when I remember/imagine how good I used to be and look at where my skill level is now. But I got over myself and said that I was going to go enjoy myself and not critize myself too much.

I went to the dance lesson before hand and felt like I was starting off from scratch. This actually made me feel better because I could just concentrate on getting better and not think about how good it could have been.

Like Father, Like Daughter

One thing I noticed about me going out dancing is that I act like my daughter when the instructor is talking. I play around, make jokes and generally lose track of the specific counts for new moves.

And then I feel bad and correct myself too much.

And then I goof off again. I think it's alright because the people around me enjoy it. Sure, I don't learn that specific move very well at the time. But I feel the relaxed atmosphere makes it easier to find the rhythem of the dance and make the total dance better than one or two moves.

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