Sometimes, we have to sit back and realize that we are all only human.

Take a breath and just let go.

Let's just Automate it

At work, we've been talking a lot about how to make things better by automating some of the task that we do. That's great, in fact, you could argue that this one of the main functions of a computer. In stead of looking up how to spell a word, it automatically looks it up for you. In stead of mailing a check to pay your bills, you can pay it online.

My problem is that a lot of the things I'm working with are wrappers around a series of other utilities.


Man, I've been so busy with life and trying to do a million things at once that I haven't put a lot of time into my projects. In fact, the list of projects has just grown bigger and bigger the last couple of days as I have to brush up on a lot of things.


This is the second week that I've been doing the 250 word project and the last couple of days have been difficult for me to come up with something to write about. Sometimes, all I can think about are short snippets like this one. I think the problem is that I haven't been keeping track of the topics that I'd like to write about thoughout the day so that when I'm home I can flesh them out.

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