I first heard about GTD around 2005, I had just finished school and found myself wondering what I was going to do with my life. I was living paycheck to paycheck not because of financial hardship but because I couldn't imagine life outside of the current moment. For me, GTD was blessing because it got thoughts off my mind and put them on a list somewhere...

The problem at that the time that my list was definitely not a trusted system and I found myself looking for more and more productivity porn to help manage my prioritize. All of this just amounted to me just moving things around on my plate and it certainly did not get me started on the oh so important habit of reviewing what I put on to the list.

I feel that the underlining reason I didn't work for me was that I was avoiding a task that every adult needs to do.

Grow up.

It wasn't on the list exactly, but in a way accomplishing things on the list would symbolize that I was leaving the "carefree" world of "come what may" for the complicated world of "come this time next month I should do A though O".

It was hard, but I've grown and I look forward to taking responsibility and the list has turned into lists with different meanings and I understand the real importance of what GTD does. It heps you realize what is important to you so that you can have an idea of what you shoud be doing and in that find out who you are.

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