At today's macnexus meeting we had Ted Landau come speak about the IOS-ification of Mac OS X and I found it to be rather enjoyable. I agreed with a lot of his points about how certain changes to the OS could be a good thing that it would help all the new recruits1 get used to the operating system.

The problem for me is that it hasn't been easy for me. Some of the things that I've grown accustomed to were changed in Lion and it took a while to get used2 to them or find the best way to work around them. I've since grown used to the dip in performance as certain animations have played out and I even enjoy the way some works (to a degree).

My problem is that I still feel that certain things aren't being taken care of properly. I've created a little list of some of my continuing gripes with Lion.

Getting to the point

Ok, so after going over some of the same problems that I was having with Lion. We had a Q&A session where he said that despite all of these issues he's looking forward to Mountain Lion.

I was actually a little suprised by this, but he said it with such sincerity that it actually hit me like a mini reality distortion field.

I was at peace.

Things are going to get better.

And then the wave was over and I felt like a storm trooper that just let an old man and a kid scoot on by with the droids that I was looking for.

  1. Meaning all the users of iPad and iPhones who buy a Mac after seeing how easy the software can be used. 

  2. If I actually had a need for contacts, I'd be sooo pissed right now. Everytime I use it, I want to delete it and I haven't found a suitable replacement that isn't a bunch of fluff trying to get you to connect to facebook or something like that. 

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