A friend an I usually talk about manga every week via chat or email, mostly about Naruto which we've been reading and watching for almost a decade. Recently, it seems like the series is coming to an end as the author has really cranked up the stakes, action and WTF factors in the story. At this point, I'm reading because I care about the characters and I really want to find some closure.

Even if the story goes a little crazy sometimes, it's still a lot better than bleach.

Honestly, I had almost forgotten that I had read this week's issue.

Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke. I haven't read a good story line with that guy in it since he fought Gaara. Him and his brother are like poo and every time they touch the plot....

As for the 5 Kages, although they are supposed to be the embodiment of their respective villages will and stuff they all have some kind of weird weekness.

  • Hokage (Tsunade): Medical ninja with a gambling and drinking problem
  • Kazekage (Gaara): Recently resolved daddy issues
  • Mizukage (Mei Terumi): A woman1 ;P... but seriously, single note character
  • Raikage (A... stupid name for killer bee's brother): One arm...
  • Tsuchigake (Onoki): Old

Plus they've been fighting all day and this is an undead opponent.

Sorry about the long email. Just had a roll.

  1. The manga, although it has some positive women, it's rare to find ones that are have any real depth of character. 

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