I've decided to give Byword on iOS a norther chance. The first time I tried it I found it to be a little too unstable and (more a personal matter) too different than the other ways of writing that im used to1.

Byword is actually the first text editor that I bought. I've attempted to use simple note as well as the notes application that came with all iOS devices. I stopped using simple note because of a little syncing issue between it, nvalt and Dropbox. I might give it another chance because I've simplified my writing and reduced some of the complexity of my thoughts but we will see how all of this turns out.

I guess that is really the heart of my problem with Byword on iOS, I couldn't really see how it would perform in my "workflow". If I used iCloud sync, it seemed that I wouldn't be able to achieve the files with the rest of my snippets and push them to my blog as I would like to. the dropbox support was kind of weird as I saw multiple copies sometimes.

So why am I using it again.

Well, after losing my job, I fell off of my writing wagon and I found myself just wandering between submitting job applications. I got lost in the tools and focusing on my lack of writing instead of making it happen for me. I figured that if it's alright to get back on the writing horse, then it should be alright to give this tool another chance to.

After all, it just text.

  1. Although I've had a iPad for more than a year, I find typing on the screen a little weird. 

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