Well, here I am lying in bed with my iPad typing away in Byword. I feel that today was a great day I got a lot of things done early and although I didn't finish everything that I wanted, I feel that the sense of accomplishment is well deserved.

Tomorrow, I've got a couple obligations to handle and I'm planning that it shouldn't be an obstacle if I start the day the as today.

Washing Sierra's car

I'm actually a little worried about this task tomorrow, because it's a very large van and I don't think that Sierra has everything he needs to get the job done or twill e en be up in time to start working on this.

In the end, I think it will be good to see him and work on something together.


I feel the best thing that's happened is a change of perspective about my life and... Well... Not feeling sorry for myself.

I realized that I could wallow in dispare or I could take that time and energy to feel good about myself and make things better.

Life is what you make it whether you actively make the choice or let it take you some place.... And from what I've seen and experienced it rarely takes you to good places.

Morning review

I think ive talked about this before and I think it is even more important when you are unemployed. if you don't review the days shrink into hours and the hours into meer minutes and the pressure and depression pound on more as you wonder what is the point of sitting in front of a monitor searching for rejection.

But if you review, not just your tasks at hand but why you are actually doing it. if you think about how your actions are supposed to move along some kind of plan -even if it's not fully realized- they become easier, almost effortless.

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