Today, the wife and I finished up a two day painting project involving some furniture that my mom had found at a yard sale. At first I had my own reservations about taking the furniture in because of all the invisible strings attached to something like that1.

I was told that it was going to be a simple set of headboards, drawers and a desk with a little book shelf on top. In truth, the furniture was a lot different then what we were expecting as far as shape, size and quality. It's the older kind of furniture, the kind that can last and be moved from one home to another without falling apart along the way. It looked like it could take a beating and from some of the scratches and scraps it looked like it already had.

So the wife decided that we should paint it...

And this turned into a weekend long project where we spent most of our time outside in the sun putting multiple coats of white and pink.

And just when we finish up and show our children. How do they react?

They hate it.

  1. I don't like taking things from people because they sometimes expect you to reciprocate in a way that I don't feel warrants a particular action. I'm grateful for everything, but it feels like sometimes there is an unspoken contract and a payment that is beyond what I'm willing to do. Sorry for being vague and extra appologizies if this sounds like I'm talking about you. I'm not it's someone completely different. 

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