Today has been a pretty good day. I got up and was able to get a breakfast for my kids and get them to school on time followed by some quality time with my youngest1.

Things were going pretty good even though there were a number of bumps along the way.

And then it’s time for bed.

It seems like this is the most difficult time for my family2 and it is the one that really tries my patience because it is the end of the day and is the last that stands between me and any activities that I want or need to do for that day. I feel that it is because the lack of a consistent schedule is a major reason my wife and I have “issues” with communication and... um... other stuff.

  1. The youngest asked me to pack up a lunch for her and put it in her backpack. I packed the same lunch as I did for my oldest as she requested and then when we got to class she wanted to touch all the toys and wanted to stay after the bell was rung. I had to bribe her with playing my little pony when we got home AND a piggy back ride. 

  2. I think this is the fault of me and my wife as we do not instill a stable routine with the girls. Too often, we get derailed with activities or some other nonsense like not using the right toothpaste, etc. 

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