Tonight, my wife told me that our daughter has an exclusive girl club in her kindergarten class that she isn't allowed to be in. This club has one particular girl in it that is being mean to my daughter. She doesn't like being there 1.

It's something that no parent wants to hear, but should listen to now more than ever. The suicide rate for girls has increased to an alarming level with articles and news clips talking about how girls are being ambushed and beaten by their peers. Then, to add more humiliation, someone records it and puts it on the internet.

Some would say that it's just girls being mean, but I've been bullied and I know how these things can affect you. I only pray that I can help my daughter find the strength that she needs in order to get past this.

  1. It also makes since to why I see her playing by herself when I come into her class and why she's been acting up when she's at home. 

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