There are a couple things that I still have to finish for the website theme plugin. They are margin images and images in the main column. It should be to hard and in fact this post that you are reading is an example of me using it.

In fact, I'm going to put a margin image here on the side followed by a small table of what I had for breakfast the last three days.

{% marginfigure "margin-figure-id" "../../images/small_me.jpg" "This is guy keeps getting better!" %}

Day of week Breakfast
Sunday Eggs and fruit
Monday Protein Shake
Tuesday Leftover serial

Wow, wasn't that amazing{% marginnote "reflection" "Although this all looks nice, I think this might be the last update to the code for a while." %} . Now that we got that working we can get the column images working too.

Now to follow up with the column image. I hope that it looks cool in your browser of choice.

{% maincolumn "../../images/napoleons-march.png" "This example was lefted directly from the Tufte website. I hope that it works."%}

Well, until next time!

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