I'm lucky enough to have an imac. Unfortantely, I've been having some trouble keeping space free on the machine. So, I took some time to check it how much disk space that I had left when I saw this!

Disk Utility in macOS Sierra showing only disk usage, purgable data and free space.

Yes, it does show me that I have some free space, but it doesn't give me anything related to how much of that data I could get rid of or revaluate. One my laptop, I'm still running El Capitan and it gives me a really nice overview1.

Disk Utility in macOS El Capitan showing disk usage of apps, photos, audio, movies and more as well as free space.

I guess this is connected to Apple's new push to have people store their information in the crowd; maybe illustrated how much purgable spaces was in each individual category would have been too complicated.

Still, I miss the old view...

  1. Earlier versions of the OS had better control of what you could do with the disks and partitions. 

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