Keyboard Maestro is used to publish the site when computer is idle.

Today, I’ve put some time into improving something that I’ve been thinking about doing for years. And that is having my static pelican powered website update without me over seeing it.

In a lot of ways this is me getting out of my own way and just spending time producing words instead of focusing on the technology. In other words, writing the words instead of making pages.

Hazel sorts all the blog posts into sub folders.

It’s mostly just the one hazel rule to constantly keep the posts sorted and then there is a keyboard maestro rule that waits for the computer to be idle for 30 minutes[^waiting] before making all the posts.

The only thing I want to improve is adding images and editing posts from the past. I'll leave that for another day.

  1. I have a plug-in for pelican that uses Java to render diagrams. I don’t want it to interrupt anyone using the computer while it does this. 

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