Example of markdown syntax meant to test new themes.

When I'm trying to come up with a new theme for my blog, I like to think about the different scenerios of what I can put together. I admit that a lot of what I design is rarely shown in my daily writing, but I like the possibilities of expressing myself in this way and part of me hopes that someone else will see my theme and use it or make it better.

In light of this, I don't like using my own content sometimes because I don't always have something recent to test with a theme with.

That's why I took some time and created a repo just for this purpose. I present:

Pelican Test Content!

It's a couple of articles and pages that I use to simulate a website in pelican. It looks like most of the theme designers create their own set of test data but I'm hoping that this can be the seed or at least add on to whatever else is available.

Category: blogging
test pelican content