Waiting on Teenagers

My oldest is doing her first high school activity. She’s going to be hanging out with some other kids to work on a float for homecoming. Something that I’m not a fan of not only because of the pandemic but the fact that it’s really late on a school night… and then I think… I’m turning into my dad.

Either way, I find myself wait at home until I get that call that it’s time to go get her. I just hope that she’s happy.

‘Cause this old man can’t stay up late like he used to.

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Downstream - Relay FM

Downstream is a new podcast about the future of streaming media. Tech and entertainment companies are vying for our attention and money, all to see who will become the media giants of the 21st century. J

Jason Snell, one of my favorite podcasters, has a new podcast out about media streaming. It’s something that I’ve grown more and more interested in as we have seen so many new services being introduced in just the last couple of years.

I remember “the bad times”, where people had to get certain kinds of media by… um… having it fall off the back of a truck and onto your computer. And then netflix happened and the whole world changed. People could actually get things a legal way and support with their wallets what they wanted to see.

Now… well… there are a ton of services out there each asking for 4.99 to 15 dollars a month and it can really start adding up.

The podcast looks to be focused on those issues and more and I encourage you to check it out.

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