Mandaris Moore

I really like that my children are going to see a Science Fiction movie. When I was a kid there weren't a lot of heroes that looked like me. Sure, there were black super heroes. But they were usually some buff side kick or characature; mostly muscle and charisma.

I like the fact that they are showing women in movies that are more than just a side character.

Core Intuition logo.

I've been listening to Core Intuition for years, because it was great to hear how independent developers go about making a living. When I'm sweating to make a living by working on someone else's schedule, I'd listen to how they are making ends meet while still enjoying life. I might not always agree with what they were saying but something about how they viewed themselves and their business gave me hope that you could follow your passions in life.

In Episode 351: Here's The Downside, Daniel talked about how his application, MarsEdit, wasn't making as much money as he hoped.

It shook me.

I had been hearing for years how many developers were having the same problems. In my mind, I thought that this was a great product that should be seen as a great reason to use the Mac.

I've identified myself with Daniel many times over the years and want him to succeed. To be the little guy who is making it.

I haven't finished the episode.

I'm afraid to.

For some reason, I feel that if I don't finish it. It won't be as bad as what the worst case scenario could be.

I've recently purchased MacSparky's OmniFocus Field Guide, so that I can master the tool. It's my hope that the tool will allow me to structure my day. I loose track of what is important sometimes and things have a tendency to get lost either through being too busy or just straight procrastination.

When I look back at my life, the times that I'm the best is when I have a structured system. I've got a brain and I can come up with ideas, but it's pointless if I can't remember what commitments that I've made or where I'm going with them.

A lot of information on the main page of

I joined last night because of all the drama with Twitter the in the last couple of years. I haven't been personally attacked by bots or nazi, but I don't believe that I should have to worry about something like that.

Although, I'm hesitant to join yet another social media platform when I can barely keep up with the ones that I'm in now (facebook,, slack, and reddit), I thought it would be ok to at the very least reserve my name in case I do decide to use it.

I woke up from a dream this morning feeling conflicted and sad. The dream was about being offered a job working at Apple making tutorial videos and applications for others. It was my dream job and -although I had doubts about my ability- I wanted to pursue it.

The drawback is that I'd have to leave my relatively secure position working for the state. I spent the rest of the dream worrying about how I should approach the subject and cleaning up my local neighborhood.

Thinking about what my next actions are going to be.

I'm about to do a review of what needs to be done this week and I'm hesitant to start. Although I've been getting better at making sure that things get done, the sheer amount of "stuff" can feel overwhelming if I look at all of it at once.

I think that is why I find myself drawn to OmniFocus and GTD in general. It give me a tool that allows me to trust that what I'm not doing is correct.

But back to the matter at hand, what should my next project be?

Moving the site generation to another server

Currently, I have a iMac at home that generates the site and then scp the files to a server. The only times that I have had an issue is when I had to shut down dropbox running on the machine because it was being a resource hog.

My plan is to move all of my posts to a repository and then having a cron job running on the server to do an update every hour to update the repository and then the website.

I've been part of a slack group where I contribute on a regular basis and some of the members have really gone the extra mile to share some of their experiences with the rest of us.

It feels amazing to be part of a group that is brave enough to do this and trusts us to that degree.

I'm feeling pretty inspired to write more as well.

Moving forward has gotten easier and easier to do. I'm definitely on an upswing when it comes to most of my goals for the last couple of months.

What am I attributing this new to this success?

More regular reviews via OmniFocus and a desire to accomplish what I set out to do.

A brief look at what I'm supposed to be doing today.

For the longest time, I would have OmniFocus on my laptop and and iPhone and just wish that it would organize my life - that everything would just fall into place by some kind of magic. I think this is why productivity software will always be in demand. People want things to happen, but they forget that it's just a tool and if you don't change who you are or your approach to the problem nothing is going to happen.

Reflecting in what needs to change

I realized that I had a problem. I was doing the constant yo-yo of getting organized moving my life forward for a couple weeks and then finding myself overwhelmed again. I feel that it's because I couldn't trust that everything in OmniFocus was something that I should be working on. I would have 20 plus items available for one day and those items would be individual actions or projects.

I would procrastinate and think 'I'll just do this later' because the deadlines and defer dates where just useless pieces of data. Later I would kick myself because I spent hours surfing the internet instead of marking something off.

I needed to become more aware of what I was doing.

Time Budgeting at home

Just like in financial budgeting, I needed to have more of an idea of where my time was going. I started using the app Timing to see how much time I spent goofing off versus actively using my computer1.

A look at computer usage on my laptop for last week.

Some of this, I already wrote about in a previous post, but I wanted to re-iterate how this is a continued reminder of how I keep myself on task.

There was a couple pitfalls with the process as my computing life is divided between a MacBook Pro and an iMac, but I'm hoping to clear some of that up with the new timing sync feature that was introduced.

New Screentime for iOS

Screentime on iOS allows me to be mindful on the phone.

With the new version of iOS, I’m able to get a better idea of what I’m using my phone for on a daily and weekly basis.

Currently, I’m not using the App limits because I’m hoping that being aware of how I use my phone will prompt me to change my habits and increase my will power.

Show a light day of usage via ScreenTime

It’s definitely a great start to quantifying what areas I want to work on. There is still one more tool.


Streaks is an App on iOS that I picked up one day shortly after New Year’s Day. I’ve been using it off and on for making sure that I mediate3 and write in my journal.

It wasn’t until recently that I made reviewing my projects a priority to review in Streaks and I feel that it has really made a difference2. I get two kinds of positive reinforcements when I do this. The first, the fact that I get to mark it off. The second, I get to see evidence of my changing habit as a number.

End result

I feel better about myself as a responsible adult. There is true freedom in knowing what you are and are not doing.

I understand that this is a just a process for me and there is a possibility of me back sliding into bad habits. That is ok, because I know that getting back in the good habits is easier than ever before.

  1. What's the point of spend so much money on something that I only watch videos on? 

  2. Due is another good app for things like this. I use it for reminders to flex my core muscles throughout the day. 

  3. breaking a streak feels soooo bad. 

I found a desk near the garbage bin and I wanted even though I didn't have room for it. I guess it's because I still love the idea of sitting down and getting to work on something.

A lone desk looking for a good home.

I feel that it’s party because of the restlessness I get every once in a while where I want to make or learn something. I think I’m really making progress in keeping my eye on the ball and making sure to reflect on my goals.


Work has been really busy and weird at the same time. A lot of unanswered questions and unease just below the surface. I hope there isn’t any extra drama...

Seeing how time files when I'm trying to get things done

I've set aside some time tonight to do a review of some of the things that I told myself that I was going to do. And it's kind of daunting in that some of this stuff has been waiting for a while to get my attention.

Well, there isn't a point in procrastinating much longer.

I know I'll feel better about so many things if I at least get started.