Mandaris Moore

I was thinking about doing some kind of challenge for the month of April. I wasn't really able to start yesterday, but today is a great to start with something new.

Here are somethings that I'm thinking about working on

  1. Writing. I want to work on my communication via writing. I think that I can be better served by focusing on making my writing better. Both with grammar and how I express ideas.
  2. Web Design. Just making it look nicer would make me feel better about giving the url to people
  3. Planning. Setting more time to work on things that need to be improved.

I'm slowing making progress on my blog. It doesn't look like much because I don't have any css associated with it. I'm ok with it looks a little rough for now because I want to focus on the design for now and I rally don't think I'm going to get a lot of people checking it out between now and whenever...

What I would like do is challenge myself to do more than just play around on my computer. I've been spend more and more time becoming aware of the little clock in the upper right hand corner of the screen that tells me how productive I've been on my Mac.

Image of Timing in Menubar showing that I am 62% productive.

Personally, I feel that every little bit counts towards becoming an adult. I can't go back to the days where I only had to worry about homework any more. In fact,I no longer wish for those days because I understand that even then I had some kind of struggle going on. The me now, is a lot more self aware and more confident in who I am.

Setting rules in Hazel

I've been working towards getting the generation of this blog to be automated and I've decided to do that using a rule in Hazel to always detect if a file has been changed and then running the pelican command to create new pages.

I've decided to make the actual publication1 a seperate step for now because I might be moving hosting in the coming weeks.

  1. Currently, the site is hosted on github and I need to make a git commit to make it availble on the inter-webs. 

I love working on my laptop!

I got it in 2009 and it has been good to me all of these years. Apple no longer supports it for OS updates but that doesn't mean that I can't get on it and still do everything that I was doing before with it.

In fact, I think I'm enjoying not getting the latest OS updates.

At first, I felt I was missing out because of the new features, but I'm having some trouble thinking about what features I've been missing out of other than siri.

And to be honest, I don't know how great siri is on a mac.

I’ve been torn on what to do next with my website. I like a new theme and I want to use it but it would require either a rewrite of my posts or a change of the theme that the original writer has put together.

I feel like I’m going to just rewrite the theme to meet my needs, but I’m hesitant to start a new project where the scope may run away from me.

I think I’ll start off with just small goals of changing things little by little. First, I’ll start by automating the generation of the sight and then making small changes to the them.

Well, I’m sitting here at my in-laws place and all I can think about is trying to take a nap.

I was really happy that changing the template for my writing wasn’t a hard task to do and I got it done fairly quickly. I’ve run into a number 1 of problems in the last couple of months and I enjoyed the ego boost.

All in all, a pretty good day and I got some serious things checked off I my life.

Such as:

  • Dropping off and picking up the children
  • Going to Costco
  • Get a pair of glasses
  • Taking the family to an outing
  • And finishing the new markdown template

Probably on of the better days that I’ve had this month.

  1. When I was at Intel, I would say that I ran into a number of issues and they would ask what the number was. I don’t remember where I picked up the expression, but it really hasn’t worked for me. 

Tomorrow, I want to focus on getting my cell phone writing work flow to be a little smoother. Currently, I use a template that I created in editorial to get the header for pelican and then I start writing until I feel that I've gotten the idea finished.

I also had to take my car to the shop where I found out that I'm looking at a big repair bill. The wife and I are going to try and fix it ourselves. But it's going to be hard because I don't know how complicated it's going to be and where I'm going to get the parts.

My wife came to her first dungeons and dragons game. She seemed to get along with the other players and even cracked a couple jokes. I always thought that she didn’t think this kind of stuff was interesting.

So, I’m was surprised when she said yes when they invited her to the next game.

Who knows this could mean a new avenue for our relationship as we try different things. Maybe she’s doing it to fill the void as we slowly drift apart from each other.

It doesn’t hurt to try something new.

I want to master my emotions. In a lot ways, I just want to master who I am as a person.

This week hasn’t been the best week of my life but I’ve made it all the way here.

Sitting on the toilet. Wondering if I should make banana bread tonight or wait until tomorrow.

Life is fun that way for some people.

Anyway, I’ve been think about how to make the most of my writing time and how I can do it at a more regular time instead of sneaking away to the bathroom.

I’ll come up with something this weekend.