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The Setapp logo looks good
The Setapp logo looks good

Last month, I saw a deal for the setup mac software subscription. I had originally signed up for it when the service started but didn’t continue with it because I was trying to save money and a lot of the applications that they were promoting were things that I had already purchased over the years. Since the deal was essentially %40 off, I thought give it a shot.

So far, I’m really enjoying that it allows me to experiment with different software. In fact, I’ve been writing on the mac power users discourse forums about it and I wanted to put those stories on my blog.

I really like the idea of SetApp, but I just feel like it came around too late. I am sure that there are gems in there that I don’t know about, but I really wish it was around before I bought Ulysses, CleanMyMac, ForkLift, etc on their own. I really want to subscribe, but feel like it is a waste due to all the apps I already own. Anyone else? By Bodiequirk ( link )

I kind of feel the same way when I tried it when it first came out. There were a couple of apps that I kind of wanted to try but I couldn’t justify the cost. At the time, I already owned most of the key software that they had because of different bundles and needs that had come before that.

But then the sale came and I was able to jump on for about $70. I figured this would give me a chance to try out Ulysses and others. The funny thing is that my wife was using our mac to scan something and the software was spitting out a huge pdf. Preview has an option to make a pdf smaller but the quality is unusable. I right clicked to open it up in pdfpen, when I saw that PDF Squeezer was there.

A couple clicks and boom, I was a hero.

One of the few times she’s complemented me on spending money on software. Link to post

I thought that the one time would be good enough to warrant subscribing for next year, but then another incident happened.

Ok, another story of how setapp has really saved my bacon and I’ve only had it for about a month.

I’ve given my wife the bad advice of just pulling her thumb drive out of the computer. Well, it just happens that this time it actually became corrupted.

She was furious.

She said -to paraphrase- “only this stuff happens on the mac!”

I know… some of you are thinking that’s grounds for a divorce.

I started to panic, I started questioning all my life choices.

I did a search using Bing! and found some links on how to fix a corrupted USB drive and most of them were to re-format. I didn’t want to take the chance that I’d lose her data, so I did a search for “drive” in the setapp library and saw “Disk Drill”.

It was able to find the files on the usb drive and I restored it to the desktop for my wife to look over.

Marriage saved once again. Link to post

Old hardware is still good hardware.
Old hardware is still good hardware.

With the release of Mohave, I no longer have a desktop computer that can run the latest version of the operating system. Part of me is sad because of the feeling of missing out and that I'm unable to afford a new computer.

Another part of me is relieved in the knowledge that I don't have to worry about my current software not being able to run, having to wait for 3rd to bring support the OS, or further fractioning of what I can and (increasingly) can not do.

Twitter is a broken plate that held so much potential.
Twitter is a broken plate that held so much potential.

Recently, there was a post in the mac power users forums about how twitter was broken with the following:

So, with the recent changes by Twitter and their impacts, does anyone think there’s a real alternative that power users will embrace? If it’s an opportunity to move to something, then who is creating the option that will take us into the next decade of microblogging?

I made a mistake of replying to a sub posting that had the following and not the main post by a user named dotty.

I don’t have an answer for you, but I will chime in. I live in Colorado and have come to rely on Twitter for fire and evacuation updates. It is by far the fastest way to get emergency updates. I have an “emergency” group that shows push notifications. All other notifications are turned off if they’re not in that group. Now that push notifications are not allowed on either Tweetbot or Twitterrific, is there another alternative?

I admit I was a little too flippant with my response. Two anxious to really think about my response before posting.

I think that this might be a good thing. Although we won’t get push notifications, the applications will still work.

If anything, this might help those who might have become to the constant notifications.

/Devil’s Advocate

This was a missed opportunity and got a response.

@mandaris , I explained I only used Twitter notifications for emergency notifications about fire and evacuations. I don’t understand how this is a “good thing” for me not to receive this information as quickly as possible. Am I misunderstanding your post? I know you signed it “devil’s advocate,” but seriously??? I sincerely doubt Twitter was trying to do us a favor by restricting their API — It sounds like it was a money decision.

I agree that some are much too attached to their phone and notifications going off every few minutes can be distracting, but that really isn’t the point of this post. There are legitimate reasons someone would want timely push notifications. There was an armed escaped convict in my neighborhood recently and the sheriffs dept put out a twitter notification to stay indoors until the person was apprehended… and then another notification giving the “all clear.” How is it a “good thing” not to receive these types of alerts if you choose to? After, I received a call from my neighbor to check in on me because there was a “reverse 911” that went to her land line and she was concerned I wouldn’t know because I don’t have a land line.

The point of my post is to figure out an alternative now that Twitter has made this decision, not to weigh the merits of notifications from Twitter. After a summer from hell with wildfires raging all around me, these notifications were a blessing. If there were no notifications, all was well, but if my home, or the home of loved ones needed evacuated from fire (or now flash flood) it was a “good thing” indeed to be alerted ASAP. It literally saved lives.

All I want to know now is if I can set up something similar or if I can still receive these notifications another way. If I can still get them and they will be delayed 1-2 minutes that is fine. I only want the notification if it is truly from my emergency list on twitter, and I can’t find a setting for this anywhere with Twitter’s own app. Am I missing something?

Very thoughtful, I took the time to write a small response that I hope doesn't erupt into a huge flame war and to appease anyone else who might come across it at a later date.

First, I’m happy that the twitter service has helped you and those you care about. Those are all very good use cases and we can all see why Jack Dorsey would state that twitter would drive to be a daily utility.

But that is the thing, something like that should be a utility that our phones should be able to tap into. For example, I live in California and we have something called an Amber Alert. You get alerts without the need for an account. You can get alerts on your phone, billboards and radio.

As a society, we should be making sure that services such as this are expanded to handle use cases as you have described them.

Now, as far as the question of how to use the twitter app to get you what you want. I don’t know if they have a “vip” notification group on the roadmap. I would hope that they discover it needs to be there since they wrote:

We’re committed to understanding why people hire 3rd party clients over our own apps.

link: Techcrunch

Good discussion.

Probably not my greatest moment on the internet but I'm hoping that I communicated my thoughts well. And just in case, I had sent a private message stating that and Doty responded that

We’re all good.

Well, I purchased the update for ScreeFlow 8 based off of my fear of missing out on new features and the dream that I'll one day make something with it.

I'm trying to change my habits with my computer and thought that I would focus on making things instead.

So, here is the first video that I've made in a very long time. I hope that they get better with practice.

I'm in the bedroom upstairs. It's kind of like an office because it has a desk and no one to bother me at the moment. It gives me a second to think about what I'm going to do next in life.

I usually take some time to go through my list of projects in OmniFocus or read through my emails. Throughout the years, I find myself using the default mail client that comes with macOS.

I think that it is because the first time that I really enjoyed working with email was in college which is when I started using macOS.

Of course, I have a couple posts about how I used web clients but I find that I use my laptop when I really want to clean up what's in my inbox.

Looking back there were 4 main areas. Performance being the first.
Looking back there were 4 main areas. Performance being the first.

My first feeling about the keynote is genuine happiness. I'm happy that they are going to focus on the performance of the operating system. I'm happy that they are supporting all the devices that were working with iOS 11. I'm also happy that they are NOT introducing a lot of extraneous1 features that people may never use.

Focus on performance

I'm tired of people having problems with Apple devices. I'm the family tech support and I do not like the feeling of having someone's device not work. This is compounded when I'm usually the one who recommends them.

I'm hoping that this will allow me to not have to answer as many questions and make the current devices last longer. I can't afford to buy anything new at this point.


I am already on board the automation train. I've got the workflow and launch center pro applications on my phone. I feel that this should allow me and everyone else a better way of getting rid of repetitive tasks.

Bring developers back to the Mac App Store

I'll believe it when I see it, but it definitely gives me the warm fuzzies to have developers feel more at ease on the platforms that I love.

Apple Watch

I think this is the best presentation that I've seen with Kevin Lynch. I would like an Apple watch, but I have trouble thinking about how I'd incorporate it into my life. When I saw those demos along with everything else associated with iOS 12, I found myself dreaming about owning one again2.


All in all, I'm happy with the keynote and actually a little sad that people weren't. It really feels like Apple is sitting down and letting their products mature a little more as they move forward.

  1. Well, they seem extraneous to me. I guess it's just a matter of how easy it would be to add to my work flow. 

  2. I was gifted one, but had to return it for financial reasons. Really sweet gift but I needed to pay the bills. 

The first couple of lines for this blog posts.
The first couple of lines for this blog posts.

I like Byword for writing. It has a very simple interface that I've come to associate with writing. When I want to just sit down and let my fingers put the words in, I find myself drawn to this application.

I've tried others but I feel my brain is now weird to think that writing = byword.

The only problem is when I'm out and about and I just have my phone. I don't really have a comfortable way for me to put something like this blog post together without my laptop. I'll have to come up with something.

Another day, another little bit of automation.

Using keyboard to format the header and category for a blog post.
Using keyboard to format the header and category for a blog post.

On my laptop, I have a TextExander shortcut to make the header for my posts, but I haven't installed it on my iMac because I didn't want it to trigger accidently when someone else is working with it.

I thought I would see how well it works for the time being and move forward with other automations to make posting smoother.

Tonight, I changed the ssh keys on my computer and I had a really hard time connecting to the server that my site is hosted on.

The server has some really tough firewalls and it doesn't allow you multiple attempts to log in. You only get one and if it doesn't work you get banned. I had to have a friend unlock my account 4 times as I learned more about what keys to use and how does the pass phrase on the factor into all of this.

It's really late so I hope that I remember this.

Just in case here are the links I used to get more information.


The second one regarding the -vvv option really help zone in the fact that the server was rejecting connections on port 22 and to get the Admins involved.

*[ssh]: Secure Shell

So, I backed the kickstarter founded by Manto Reese. It seems like a really cool project to get involved in. I like the idea of owning my own content when I post on the internet. With all kinds of weird stuff happening on Twitter, I don't know what will happen with the service and whether I want to support something like that.