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Spending sometime with good friends.
Spending sometime with good friends.

I got to spend some time with my friends and play Dungeons and Dragons today. It felt good to spend some time with people who really matter to me.

We've been playing together for years and it was amazing to just get be in the same room and make the magic happen.

Two recent characters that I dread seeing.
Two recent characters that I dread seeing.

I recently saw two tv shows, "AP Bio" and "The Mick", and reliezed that they both attempt to make that the now classic Anti-Hero. The Bad Boy who pretends that he doesn't care but secretly has a heart of gold.

But, the thing about this is that the character needs to have some kind of charisma or redeeming quality. As a viewer with lots of options and little time, I'm not going to wait half a season for that kind of pay off.

Another day, another little bit of automation.

Using keyboard to format the header and category for a blog post.
Using keyboard to format the header and category for a blog post.

On my laptop, I have a TextExander shortcut to make the header for my posts, but I haven't installed it on my iMac because I didn't want it to trigger accidently when someone else is working with it.

I thought I would see how well it works for the time being and move forward with other automations to make posting smoother.

I'm going to spend a couple minutes just writing here. I want to do something more with my time on the computer.

First and foremost, I have to have more of an understanding of where my time is actually going when I'm on the computer. For that, I'm going to use the wonderful to track where my time has been spent.

A graph showing that I spend quite a bit of time surfing the internet
A graph showing that I spend quite a bit of time surfing the internet

I was a little shocked to see that -even though I felt pretty productive this week- I1 spent so much time searching the internet or other unproductive time.

  1. To be completely honest, I'm not the only one who uses the house computer. 

Mindmap of what is on my mind.
Mindmap of what is on my mind.

I just spent 5 minutes on what are some of the things that are currently on my mind. Honestly, I think I spent more time on the clip art associated with the mindmap than actually thinking about what it means.

I've got a lot of things happening right now and I hoped that putting it in a pretty picture can help me sort it out. So...

What’s Up

Ultimately, I exported the mind map as an outline and decided to expand it here.


The way that I currently make a living. I find that I'm grinding for someone else and not me or my family.

Doing the work

I don't feel that I have a huge problem doing what is asked of me. I do have a problem with the amount of things that need to be done and the amount of support that I'm getting from everyone else. I feel as though a lot of people don't understand that things need to be balanced.

Dealing with the People

I do not feel that the people that I'm working with are on the same page. Sometimes, I feel like I'm all by myself on a lot of fronts. I have friends at work, but I also have people who are more into their own ego than getting to the next level in life.

Definitely room for more teamwork.

Making ends meet

Money is absolutely horrible. They say it cannot make you happy, but I find that not having it certainly can make you unhappy.

Cutting expenses

No question. Have to cut back on soo many things. I've started taking my lunch and I've long since stopped buying comic books. The problem is that me and my family like to go out to eat quite a bit.

Making More

I've been playing around with the idea of getting a second job. It would have to be a night position, but I don't know if I'd be able to pull it off with the lack of sleep that would eventually happen.

Being fulfilled

This one is just about how I feel about myself. I feel as if I lost my direction in life and I'm really questioning if I had one at all.

What is my current passion?

I like messing around with MacOS X. I love the feel of typing and the pleasure of getting things like my website up and running.

But I want to make something else too.

Not just this blog post but something that can help others, like a tutorial or book.

Where do I see myself in the future?

Unfortunately, the future looks grim. I've got upcoming expenses and less time and resources to deal with them.

Having a family

The most important aspect. I have a responsibility not just to myself but to other people.

Being able to communicate

I want to make sure that my family is able to talk to me if they need to and that I work on my active listening.

Making sure that everyone is cared for

I love my family and it is important to me that they are happy.

In conclusion

What a small little rant. I feel much better getting that out of my system and will have to review this moving forward.

Writing this post in Byword
Writing this post in Byword

I like writing. I find it very relaxing and it allows me to get my thoughts together. Recently, I've gotten out of the habit of writing on a regular basis so I'm going to take this as an opportunity to start journaling again in the month of May.

I'll set a goal to start the day with a little bit of yoga followed by some writing on what I want to do with the day. Maybe some introspection as well.

If I had it my way, I'd put this all into DayOne, but it has been kind of stressful having it there where I don't have any control over when it goes away.

An example diagram created with PlantUML.
An example diagram created with PlantUML.

I'm going to be changing the pelican posts that I have that use the PlantUML plugin to be in the draft status.

I really enjoy having a way to put my words into a diagram, but I honestly haven't had a need to and having my computer pause for a second as it starts up java to render the diagrams everytime has gotten a little annoying.

Going forward, I'll use an application to create the diagrams and then just add them to my images directory.

A test simple test of Grafio.
A test simple test of Grafio.

A thought it would be nice to have a better way of making diagrams from my phone. I’ve been lusting after OmniGraffle for years but I don’t have the money or drive to invest into unlocking the full power.

So thought I would try one of the many free apps in the store. I can’t say that I like it too much at this point as it completely deleted an item I was trying to resize. Still, you get what you pay for and I’m starting to rethink my idea of using my iPhone as a place to make something like this.

Tonight, I changed the ssh keys on my computer and I had a really hard time connecting to the server that my site is hosted on.

The server has some really tough firewalls and it doesn't allow you multiple attempts to log in. You only get one and if it doesn't work you get banned. I had to have a friend unlock my account 4 times as I learned more about what keys to use and how does the pass phrase on the factor into all of this.

It's really late so I hope that I remember this.

Just in case here are the links I used to get more information.


The second one regarding the -vvv option really help zone in the fact that the server was rejecting connections on port 22 and to get the Admins involved.

*[ssh]: Secure Shell

I want to make more things. I want to be a creator instead of just consuming things. I understand that it's going to be a slow process because I've got habits that have been building up for years.

Right now, all I can think of is what to do next.

Unfortunately, part of me what to make everything come out perfect.

I'm ok with making some not great things as long as they become better over time.