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An example diagram created with PlantUML.
An example diagram created with PlantUML.

I'm going to be changing the pelican posts that I have that use the PlantUML plugin to be in the draft status.

I really enjoy having a way to put my words into a diagram, but I honestly haven't had a need to and having my computer pause for a second as it starts up java to render the diagrams everytime has gotten a little annoying.

Going forward, I'll use an application to create the diagrams and then just add them to my images directory.

A test simple test of Grafio.
A test simple test of Grafio.

A thought it would be nice to have a better way of making diagrams from my phone. I’ve been lusting after OmniGraffle for years but I don’t have the money or drive to invest into unlocking the full power.

So thought I would try one of the many free apps in the store. I can’t say that I like it too much at this point as it completely deleted an item I was trying to resize. Still, you get what you pay for and I’m starting to rethink my idea of using my iPhone as a place to make something like this.

Tonight, I changed the ssh keys on my computer and I had a really hard time connecting to the server that my site is hosted on.

The server has some really tough firewalls and it doesn't allow you multiple attempts to log in. You only get one and if it doesn't work you get banned. I had to have a friend unlock my account 4 times as I learned more about what keys to use and how does the pass phrase on the factor into all of this.

It's really late so I hope that I remember this.

Just in case here are the links I used to get more information.


The second one regarding the -vvv option really help zone in the fact that the server was rejecting connections on port 22 and to get the Admins involved.

*[ssh]: Secure Shell

I want to make more things. I want to be a creator instead of just consuming things. I understand that it's going to be a slow process because I've got habits that have been building up for years.

Right now, all I can think of is what to do next.

Unfortunately, part of me what to make everything come out perfect.

I'm ok with making some not great things as long as they become better over time.

So, I think that I've finished the foundation for my website.

I'm fairly proud of the structure of it and the amount of meta data that I've placed into it.

Here is a poem.

Type,type, type
I am typing
- A child

The first award that I've won in years.
The first award that I've won in years.

I did Toast Masters today and I even managed to get a little award for best "Table Topics". It is an event where you select a random topic and speak about it for 2 minutes.

Keyboard Maestro is used to publish the site when computer is idle.
Keyboard Maestro is used to publish the site when computer is idle.

Today, I’ve put some time into improving something that I’ve been thinking about doing for years. And that is having my static pelican powered website update without me over seeing it.

In a lot of ways this is me getting out of my own way and just spending time producing words instead of focusing on the technology. In other words, writing the words instead of making pages.

Hazel sorts all the blog posts into sub folders.
Hazel sorts all the blog posts into sub folders.

It’s mostly just the one hazel rule to constantly keep the posts sorted and then there is a keyboard maestro rule that waits for the computer to be idle for 30 minutes[^waiting] before making all the posts.

The only thing I want to improve is adding images and editing posts from the past. I'll leave that for another day.

  1. I have a plug-in for pelican that uses Java to render diagrams. I don’t want it to interrupt anyone using the computer while it does this. 

I was thinking about doing some kind of challenge for the month of April. I wasn't really able to start yesterday, but today is a great to start with something new.

Here are somethings that I'm thinking about working on

  1. Writing. I want to work on my communication via writing. I think that I can be better served by focusing on making my writing better. Both with grammar and how I express ideas.
  2. Web Design. Just making it look nicer would make me feel better about giving the url to people
  3. Planning. Setting more time to work on things that need to be improved.

I'm slowing making progress on my blog. It doesn't look like much because I don't have any css associated with it. I'm ok with it looks a little rough for now because I want to focus on the design for now and I rally don't think I'm going to get a lot of people checking it out between now and whenever...

What I would like do is challenge myself to do more than just play around on my computer. I've been spend more and more time becoming aware of the little clock in the upper right hand corner of the screen that tells me how productive I've been on my Mac.

Image of Timing in Menubar showing that I am 62% productive.
Image of Timing in Menubar showing that I am 62% productive.

Personally, I feel that every little bit counts towards becoming an adult. I can't go back to the days where I only had to worry about homework any more. In fact,I no longer wish for those days because I understand that even then I had some kind of struggle going on. The me now, is a lot more self aware and more confident in who I am.

A mind map of what the goals are for my new blog theme
A mind map of what the goals are for my new blog theme

I've been having a desire to make a new website, but I haven't really been thinking about what I want from it. I took some time to brainstorm so ideas and broke it down into three things.


I want people to be able to read the site. I've had a couple scares where I thought something would happen to my vision. I want what I'm reading to be read by everyone.

Even if it's just me in the future.

Quick to Load

I want the page to load fast. I think I could break this into two smaller goals.

Reduce the number of calls to external libraries

Modern OSs have a lot of fairly good fonts and not every website need to have the entire library for css and/or javascript that you want. Although CDNs can help with that, I feel what I'm creating needs to make yet another http request for the end users.

Keep the syntax for the site to a minimum

I don't want to add extra code just for code sake. I want the person to get in and do what they want - which is read- and then move on.

I want people to be able to find out what I'm saying. It could be helpful for them. Maybe it's something technical or just a story that I choose to share.