Mandaris Moore

Looking back there were 4 main areas. Performance being the first.

My first feeling about the keynote is genuine happiness. I'm happy that they are going to focus on the performance of the operating system. I'm happy that they are supporting all the devices that were working with iOS 11. I'm also happy that they are NOT introducing a lot of extraneous1 features that people may never use.

Focus on performance

I'm tired of people having problems with Apple devices. I'm the family tech support and I do not like the feeling of having someone's device not work. This is compounded when I'm usually the one who recommends them.

I'm hoping that this will allow me to not have to answer as many questions and make the current devices last longer. I can't afford to buy anything new at this point.


I am already on board the automation train. I've got the workflow and launch center pro applications on my phone. I feel that this should allow me and everyone else a better way of getting rid of repetitive tasks.

Bring developers back to the Mac App Store

I'll believe it when I see it, but it definitely gives me the warm fuzzies to have developers feel more at ease on the platforms that I love.

Apple Watch

I think this is the best presentation that I've seen with Kevin Lynch. I would like an Apple watch, but I have trouble thinking about how I'd incorporate it into my life. When I saw those demos along with everything else associated with iOS 12, I found myself dreaming about owning one again2.


All in all, I'm happy with the keynote and actually a little sad that people weren't. It really feels like Apple is sitting down and letting their products mature a little more as they move forward.

  1. Well, they seem extraneous to me. I guess it's just a matter of how easy it would be to add to my work flow. 

  2. I was gifted one, but had to return it for financial reasons. Really sweet gift but I needed to pay the bills. 

People still make mistakes.

I haven’t seen a pen like this since high school. I thought it was funny that even thought we pushing and pushing for a paperless life style we still have room for something like this.

I am telling the world my mission.

I wrote the above in the OmniGroup slack. I think I’ll set a reminder so that I don’t lose track of who I am and where I’m going.

A man in a gear. A cog in the machine of life.

I spent a little time with Pixelmator last night and found it to be fairly easy to make something like this. I thought it would take a while to make something would meet my needs.

I guess it shows that you never know what you can do until you try.

The only thing that I regret is that I went down the rabit hole and spent almost an hour this morning researching formats and dimensions for making my icon perfect.

Here are my resources if you want to find out more:


I've been rewatching Westworld with my wife. It's been fun seeing how there are hints of what's to come throughout the first season. I don't know how much the writers really had planned, but it's so much fun to think that something is going to happen and then seeing something completely different.

It's also exciting to see my wife come up with her own theories and see the wonder on her face. These are the good times.

I'm still looking for the peace in my puzzle.

A long time ago, I went to a seminar called EmpowerU. Don't bother looking them up because the name has been used by so many different organizations, it would just confuse you to what I'm trying to say...

Anyway, I went to a seminar and I really got inspired to make a change in my life and I've been struggling with trying to make sense of where I want to go next.

It feels like all I can think about it just trying to make it to the next week or day.

But that's not thriving, and that's not the example that I want to show my children.

How do I get out of this rut?

Sometimes, getting ready for bed is the hardest thing to do. In my home, nights are the time that we actually get a chance to sit down and do the things we need to do such as pay bills and schedule activities.

My wife has been the one taking care of the bills in recent months. On one hand, it's good because I found myself having trouble keeping track of when and where money was going. The stress and guilt of missing a bill just got worse and worse over the years as expenses continued to grow.

On the other hand, this has caused problems as I feel pushed out of key decision making areas.

We've never been explicit about it but there have been under tones of hostility about money.

I do what I can, I follow the budget that we agree on and be understanding when she's stressed out. After all, I was doing it for years before we switched.

We're in better shape as far as budgetting, but I tread every night we have to go over bills.

I wanted to spend sometime looking at some resources that I came across that I'm going to use to make my site work better with the format.

Implementing microblogging in pelican


This one was pretty interesting in that it was the first link in my search and let me know that it was indeed possible. Unfortunately, the site has moved from pelican to hugo and I couldn't find the theme in the users github repository (unless he's renamed it).

Microblogging with pelican

Link This link seems a little more promising as the writer is still actively using pelican to generate her site. Not only that but she has a couple example iOS workflows that give me ideas on how to quickly generate posts for the site.

Currently, I don't have any bandwidth to do any of these options in the next couple of days, but I hope that by writing about them here someone else can use them to make their site better.

Example of markdown syntax meant to test new themes.

When I'm trying to come up with a new theme for my blog, I like to think about the different scenerios of what I can put together. I admit that a lot of what I design is rarely shown in my daily writing, but I like the possibilities of expressing myself in this way and part of me hopes that someone else will see my theme and use it or make it better.

In light of this, I don't like using my own content sometimes because I don't always have something recent to test with a theme with.

That's why I took some time and created a repo just for this purpose. I present:

Pelican Test Content!

It's a couple of articles and pages that I use to simulate a website in pelican. It looks like most of the theme designers create their own set of test data but I'm hoping that this can be the seed or at least add on to whatever else is available.

The first couple of lines for this blog posts.

I like Byword for writing. It has a very simple interface that I've come to associate with writing. When I want to just sit down and let my fingers put the words in, I find myself drawn to this application.

I've tried others but I feel my brain is now weird to think that writing = byword.

The only problem is when I'm out and about and I just have my phone. I don't really have a comfortable way for me to put something like this blog post together without my laptop. I'll have to come up with something.