Mandaris Moore

MindMap of my Good Omens Review.


I vaguely remember this book from reading it in junior high or high school. I remember it being a fairy quick read, and probably being the first time that I read something that was humorous and religious.


The show works at its own pace. There were some places in it that felt like it was a stopping point before the next scene and I felt that there where at least an episode or two that could have been cut from the show and no one would miss them.


This is where the show really shines and Michael Sheen and David Tennant really make the it work for me. Honestly, if they weren't on the show I don't think I could have finished it and it's only 6 episodes. If anything, I'd love to see more of their exploits throughout time.


It's a decent show but I don't think I'd watch it again for another season.

Two recent characters that I dread seeing.

I recently saw two tv shows, "AP Bio" and "The Mick", and reliezed that they both attempt to make that the now classic Anti-Hero. The Bad Boy who pretends that he doesn't care but secretly has a heart of gold.

But, the thing about this is that the character needs to have some kind of charisma or redeeming quality. As a viewer with lots of options and little time, I'm not going to wait half a season for that kind of pay off.