Mandaris Moore

I found a desk near the garbage bin and I wanted even though I didn't have room for it. I guess it's because I still love the idea of sitting down and getting to work on something.

A lone desk looking for a good home.
A lone desk looking for a good home.

I feel that it’s party because of the restlessness I get every once in a while where I want to make or learn something. I think I’m really making progress in keeping my eye on the ball and making sure to reflect on my goals.


Work has been really busy and weird at the same time. A lot of unanswered questions and unease just below the surface. I hope there isn’t any extra drama...

I started working before I made it into the office. It started with a text message asking if I had started a server after patching the day before.

I had.

I sent an email to everyone.

But something made me wonder.

Something was wrong.

Sure enough, the server had come up but it wasn’t working correctly. The account used for database connections was expired. I don’t know how long but it did. Honestly, I don’t even know if the system was being used and the patching was just an opportunity for others to get in the environment and see what was broken.

Lots of anxiety and just a feeling of helplessness as I had been the one to last touch the box.

Which just ran into another problem with another system just not running correctly.

Today, wasn’t a great day

I've almost finished the probation period at my new job and I've got to say that it feels good to have made it this far. I work hard and I think the people around me see that and want me to suceed just as much as I do.

Still, it wasn't always fun because of the learning curve and... well... the people.

I consider myself a people person in a lot of respects. It really isn't natural for me because I had no understanding of tact back in jr. high school seeing as most of my interactions were with books and movies. I was picked on quite a lot and it wasn't until college that I started to really grow as a person.

Fast forward to now, and I'm seeing other people who are still growing as people. Some more mature and some not as much. Everyone has there own motivations.

This morning, I woke up to vomit.

After a very long night filled with little ones who don't like sleeping in their own beds by themselves coming to invade mommy and daddy's bed, I was awakened to a desperate plea for water.

I ran to get the water, she took two sips and then promptly threw up...

... in the bed

... on the way to bathroom

... not in the bathroom

... but on the way out

Luckily, my wife was able to take care of her during the day. So that I could go to work and train my replacement some more.

Oh, the horrors

For the last year, I've been busy at work attempting to get an automated tool to work as it was designed. In fact, at one point I was attempting to automate the automated tool so that everyone could benefit by not running it. Personally, I thought this was a pointless endevour.

What is the point of automating an automated tool? Especially when that first tool is being modified and changed on an almost daily basis.

Well, I managed to get the system somewhat working but I found myself having to do a significant amount of working trying to fix other issues and it kind of died.

But the problems still persist. I welcome automation, but I have to question the logic when were are stacking issues upon issues like this.

Improvements in writing

I've been doing this 250 word thing for almost 3 weeks now and I haven't done any editing on entries that I make. The original goal of this project was to get my thoughts out of my head and have something to look at as an achievement. I'm currently debating on whether I should read them because the process might make me too self conscience to write more.