WWDC 2024 Recap And More(second Posting)

Talking about WWDC 2024, Rick and Morty Season 7, The Boys, and the latest with Labarum.

00:00:00: Chapter 1 - Beginning
00:00:35: WWDC 2024 Reflection
00:06:23: Media Review: Rick And Morty Season 7
00:08:01: Upcoming Media: The Boys Season 4
00:08:45: Labarum Update

The last time didn’t post.


Self Help And Analysis

Recorded on Tuesday, October 17th.

Topics for the podcast

  • Getting help
    • It’s ok to get help
    • You are not alone
  • Working on my website
    • Mermaid
    • Is the project feature complete?
  • In search of the perfect profile picture
  • Using Tinylytics (https://tinylytics.app)



Restarting The Micro Cast


This show is just me putting something together using Ferrite and just having a good time. I hope that future episodes are more fun as I learn to record and edit these.

In this show, I talk a little bit about friends and dog doo.

Music by LofCosmos from Pixabay

Feel free to contact me with any feedback!… Well, almost any feedback.



So, my co-host for my very short lived podcast has dropped out. Does anyone one want to do a short run podcast of Schmigadoon?

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Songs of Schmigadoon S01E01

This is the pilot episode of a podcast covering the Apple TV+ show “Schmigadoon”.

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