Does anyone remember WAMP stacks? That was a thing.


50 Ideas for Blog Posts by Lou Plummer #11

  1. What is your current relationship with technology? Do you enjoy it? Does it cause you anxiety?

There is a funny clip of Homer Simpson where he’s praising beer for being the cause and solution to all of his problems.

I feel that way about technology sometimes. As much joy as it is to write this and have it be available all over the world, I’m also worried about how it’s designed and if my writing is good enough.

I also make my living by working in a technical field and having people getting laid off stresses me out since I’ve also been in that position as well.


πŸ“Ί The Acolyte S1:E8

Master Sol using The Force

Does this show stick the landing?

Um… Kinda?

To extend the metaphor, it sticks the landing but twists the ankle and has to hobble away hoping to get a chance to redeem itself in the next routine.

The show has a number of great points and attempts to do some really cool new things with the franchise that should make any Star Wars fan excited. Unfortunately, it does have some flaws when compared to other shows.

I’m trying to say it’s a good Star Wars show, but I’m still shaking off that ending.


50 Ideas for Blog Posts by Lou Plummer #10

  1. What’s your relationship with physical labor? Do you enjoy, accept or avoid it?

At this point in my life, I do not do a lot of physical labor.

I’m actually very sedentary and do roughly 5 minutes of exercise a day according to my Apple Watch. Of course, since I’m really out of shape going for a walk to the garbage can outside in 100 degree weather counts as exercise.

Other than some chores around the house, I do volunteer at the school my children go to.


50 Ideas for Blog Posts by Lou Plummer #9

  1. Do you have a gratitude practice? Why or why not? What sort of things are you grateful for?

I do have a journal that I write 5 things that I'm grateful for in. I'm inconsistent with writing in my journal but I've come back to it in the last couple of days.

I try to come up with different things from day to day. Although I am grateful for my friends and family, I want to spend some time thinking about things so that I don’t take things for granted.


Lillie likes sitting in the sun.

American bully mix sitting down on grass.

It’s ironic that Apple released an update to private browsing and also made ads worse at the same time.

50 Ideas for Blog Posts by Lou Plummer #8

I was really happy to see this prompt. I really needed a laugh today.

  1. What is the funniest book or TV show with which you are familiar?

The funniest TV show that I’m familiar with is The Good Place. It’s a great example of comedy that keeps me laughing over and over again. In fact, I think I might watch an episode tonight.


50 Ideas for Blog Posts by Lou Plummer #7

Yesterday was horrible. Absolutely horrible. That being said, I want to keep this post light.

  1. Do you have any unpopular opinions or dislike something that many people like?

I don’t like pineapple on pizza.