Fool's Paradise, 2023 - ★★★

I really enjoyed this movie. It doesn't have a lot at stake and seems to go from one crazy plot point to another. But that's the nature of a satire, and I needed to see something like this. 

Ken Jeong has really been showing us his range this year. If you've seen him in this and the second season of The After Party, then you'll really know what I'm saying.

Daft Punk Random Access Memories (Drumless Edition) Album Review Pitchfork

What are we doing here? Honestly, what are we doing with this “drumless” edition of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories? What possible lessons can we learn from 2023’s second re-edition of Daft Punk’s third-best album, in which every sonic detail is the same, other than the absence of drums?

The first thing that I did with this album was listing to Giorgio by Moroder and couldn't get into it because it just seemed off.

I took a step back and decided to listen to the entire album from the beginning with the view point that this is supposed to be different.

I’m listening to it again as I write this and I think it falls some where between a cover version and an acoustic mix. I think the article that I linked to does a better job of explaining it.

For me, the cognitive dissonance sometimes gets me out of the grove. The album moves from something that I would look at to pull songs from for a dance party to an album that I would look at for a speakeasy; a party where people are expected to talk over it.

That’s not to say it’s a bad thing. It’s definitely a different take on a record that I listened to on a regular basis.


Indie App Santa 2023 Edition

Daily gifts from your favorite indie developers.

Discover, support, and celebrate independent iOS developers and make your holiday season merrier with daily surprises!

I've used this for several years. I've found a couple gems and it's really cool to see fresh takes on apps.

I wrote a post every day last month. I’m tempted to try again this month but don’t want to burn out trying to make “content”.

Just going to write to share and get better at writing.

A post everyday for the last 30. Some days were harder than others. Either finding something to write about or debating on saving something for another day. Still happy i challenged myself.

I’ve switch from using my avatar to using my gravatar. It’s kind of funny because it references my old domain.

What's in a title?

A frequent type of post that I write is a small little review of different forms of media. Usually a movie, but I’ve been adding more tv recently. To quickly differentiate them, I’d put Media Review in the title in the hopes that whoever it helps the reader.

There is a small problem in that I’m populating my blog using letterboxd and it goes directly to the blog. I then have to rename the post, add the alt text to the movie poster, and add the Media Review category.

I’m going to be changing this process going forward.

I’ll continue to mark the post in the category for Media Review but leave it from the post name. In this way, I won’t have to worry about dead links related to post titles changing.

Please let me know if you’ve read any of the reviews. All my writing is for me first, but I do love feedback sometimes.


Labarum: Header Links

The other day, I wrote a micropost about how I was deliberating on <a><h1>...</h1></a> versus <h1><a>...</a></h1>. I joked and said that I was only thinking about it for 59 seconds and as you are reading this post it has been a lot more than that.

Strictly HTML 4 speaking, headers are block elements and anchors are inline elements. But, in practice, I’ve seen anchors around headers in links and images for just as long.

But which one do I want to use?

I decided that I would do some experiments in my test environment and saw that the touch targets would be just a little larger if I switch the anchor to be outside of the header. Unfortunately, this would also mean that I would have to do a minor rewrite of the CSS.

Showing the initial state of links and headers
The previous iterations of the theme had already made a rule for this.

Another question that I had is what is more accessible?. I didn’t want to put effort into this if it meant that it would be a problem for people. So I enabled voiceover and navigated the page using the keyboard to get a sense of what it would sound like.

After listening to the two different versions, I created two rules to match up with what I had previously. I ran into a small snag as header is a block element that spans the width of the container.

Labarum links headers snag
I considered leaving it like this.

I then set width: fit-content to make it fit. As a draw back the box-shadow that I was using to underline the link only shows up on the last line and make long titles look a little weird to me. I considered added a span within the header but that feels like too much work.


One of those days where it seems like takes forever for very little to get done.

Today, I spent 59 seconds contemplating on doing <a><h1>...</h1></a> versus <h1><a>...</a></h1> and that’s not the most unproductive thing I’ve done today.