@jayeless wonderfully written.

@danielpunkass and a voice of pure silver!

@Archimage you could be like my “friend”, and just take it out at random.

@furstenberg thank you! I’ve been reading up about it since you gave me the link.

@circustiger @meandering I have to wait a day.


@circustiger really enjoying the posts. I’m excited for your trip. Get obnoxious with taking pictures so I can live vicariously through you!

@circustiger Hi, Sarah! Welcome to the club.

@manton discretion is the better part of valor

@Archimage I wondered how many throwaway lines you have. Then realized that not counting them is part of it all.

@Archimage scrolling

@sod Could you check labarum if you get a chance?

@BenSouthwood to clarify, I meant that as a good thing.

@BenSouthwood looks like a set from the show Severance.

@UnfocusedWanderlust you monster!!!

@Miraz Of course!

@gregmoore the wonderful thing about it is that this is me being incredibly selfish. Documentation is a love letter to your future self. As an added bonus, everyone who uses what I made creates an opportunity for me to steal… um… be inspired by their code to make my theme better. 😈

@KimberlyHirsh goth perfume?

@Burk I look forward to hearing your thoughts

@canion Hey! When you are done with the book, do you want to chat and talk about your impression?

@gregmoore My condolences.

@circustiger You're funny!

@canion it’s interesting that you have this on your blog and on Flickr.

@jeffperry thank you. It’s really cool to hear that other people like it.

@odd @BenSouthwood I have been summoned!

The talk isn’t very technical. It’s more about design decisions. Would people like a video? I would be afraid that it would be too long. Maybe if I break it into parts and have it mimic the blog posts?

@circustiger dentist 🦷 recommended