@cheesemaker Yes, that kid has tons of bad decisions.

@manton could we get a page on what versions were on for future plug-ins? What version are we on now?

@ronguest Well, it is bacon!

@pimoore I judge you to be a lucky son of a gun!

@pimoore @terrygrier how are you doing it. I was looking at and it said to just put it in cold overnight and heat it to 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

@Archimage Even xenomorphs?

@alanralph I had originally bought it because I wanted to support more development of sublime text. I remember talking to someone else and they thought they were clever for using it without paying. I understand we're not all made of money, but we were both in the tech industry and expecting people to pay us for our software. I mean, it just came off as really unaware.

I think I'm in the same boat as wanting to not do what everyone else is doing. But it gets really hard to swim upstream sometimes.

@terrygrier We've got a jar of it next to the stove. I cook tooooo much food in bacon fat. I wasn't able to save the fat this time for some reason that I can't remember.

@pimoore For whatever reason, I can never get it to be crispy. My wife says that I'm buying very fatty bacon.

@dsh1705 I find it funny that VS Code is based off of the Atom editor which GitHub was a major part of. I don't remember if they created it. I sometimes think of buying a license to BBEdit because they sponsor my favorite podcasts.

@sod Wow, that sounds like fun.

@ChrisHannah I like it a lot. I was working on something similar and I think I'll just scrap what I've got. Lots of semantic html and let's the user just start reading right away.

@jayeless You're welcome. In some ways, this is for the better. This way, I don't have to keep track of whatever changes that you may make in the future or have users contact me regarding inhancements.

My daughter and I are working together on a theme together now. Could you post a picture of your cat?

@canion I can’t imagine that it’s easy.

@jayeless I understand. The theme has been taken down.

@pimoore Are you going to use it as your template project?

@pimoore Thank you for sharing. You certainly have a gift and I’m sure that your father is happy to see you share it with the world.

@cygnoir Yeah, I was pretty bummed about it, but thought about how I was able to make 100 days. So, now I'm on a 2 days streak.

@wearsmanyhats one of the greatest things about Monterey is that I installed it on the home computer and my wife didn’t notice a difference.

I on the other hand, have noticed that calendar beach balls more than I’d like.

@Archimage good luck! 🍀

@jayeless She's been really itchy the last couple of weeks and I noticed that her paws were starting to swell. The vet says it's probable something that she ate...

She's been sneaking the neighbor's cat's food.

@Burk Without context, I thought you were in the squid game.

@chadgmoore I still see you. I no longer see your username as a typo in the terminal.

@Miraz congratulations!!!

@thatguygriff congratulations!!!