@vincent Completely forgot that I had that turned on! Need to wake up BEFORE I get on the internet.

@vincent Folders can be difficult as something can fall in multiple categories. I think that part of what appeals to people who use gmail.

@vincent hopefully tomorrow will be better

@Archimage “I’m gonna need you to kill my neighbors goats because they keep getting into my garden. I’ll be hanging out with him a church this Sunday, so you go over there and make it look like wolves or somethin’. I don’t care just get it done and I’ll make you in carrots”.

@Archimage I read this and thought “This guy must have the worst completion rate and NO repeat business”

@heyscottyj Thank you for reaching out. I just saw your message and it's just what I needed to see right now.

@vincent yes, you’re taking that time/attention and giving it to something else. There is hope that the community will be more closely aligned with your goals. Whatever they maybe; entertainment, education, etc.

@vincent @pawel I saw the tail end of this conversation and thought “You can’t pay somebody $5 for a day of work!” Wrong kind of worker.

@heyscottyj Thank you for being part of a wonderful podcast and letting us know about the journey that you’re own. I really enjoy hearing your voice and understand that you have to save it and your time for what is important.

@manton I'm happy to see you on the other side!

@chipotle I was lucky to get on the ivory beta right before I heard about this one. They are both very good and quickly filled the whole that twitter left for me. Still don’t know about pricing.

@vincent Why did you go with Porkbun versus hoover?

@mroutley way to go!

@manton the mind is so weird. The comments here are just a small fraction deserved praise of the amazing things you and the community provide and yet we can still have that one comment that sticks out.

@timapple Or sore all over.

@lmika OH!! If I had only seen this comment before!

@Archimage Amazon must hate you.

@samgrover nice hashtag!

@vincent it’s actually my favorite 🤩

@heyscottyj It was pretty difficult for me. I started with just the 10 minutes to see where I rate. It would compare it to the HIIT but with more arms and lower impact. Perfect for my knees that have started to hate me.

@V_ this was SacAnime it was January 6-8th.

@JohnPhilpin I liked it a lot. I especially liked the actor who played "Empire". The end of the season didn't feel as strong, but I'm excited to see what they do for the next season.

@Miraz just writer’s block

@Archimage As long as you're not a stepmom, you should be ok.

@patrickrhone @cygnoir I never thought of it that way but as soon as you said it, it makes so much sense.