@rosemaryorchard Really cool to see you posting to! I really enjoy your shows!

@canion I love being fluent. The human brain is amazing. But now… I doubt myself.

@SimonWoods systematically stretching in a way that I most certainly would not have done properly.

@jemostrom How is your back doing?

@jemostrom I’m just happy that you didn’t get hurt any further.

@mroutley @ericmwalk Wow, that looks really nice.

@KimberlyHirsh I really like this picture

@Burk Whoa! Getting serious with the cross promotion! I like it!

@BenSouthwood Well, today and yesterday are very, very cluttered.

@rom Yes. The AI is born from it's creators.

@Miraz Is that Craft?

@Mandalorian Think of it as a party. You can always come back to the party!

@jemostrom Ha! Me too!

@Mandalorian This is the way.

@jean Thank you for being you!

@Mandalorian that’s amazing!

@jean thank you. I needed that.

@Mandalorian there’s always room!

@ronguest woot woot! Or whatever the kids are saying nowadays!

@jemostrom way to go! Going to start mine before getting back to work.

@renevanbelzen All if it counts. This is your fitness journey. Mine includes a fear of falling on my face. That’s why I have to take my glasses off first.

@manton I blame oracle.

@pimoore I was actually going to announce something similar! I hope that we both find what we're looking for.

@Archimage Is that Aeon Timeline?

@Archimage more and more I feel they don’t want to have empathy because it would make them think about what they have done and the negative consequences.