@Mtt Do you mind if I make Labarum interpretable with your plugin? Or do you feel that it would be too confusing?

@Mtt Yes, I’m trying to find the β€œbest” way of implementing this.

@Mtt What led you to decide that tiny analytics should be it's own plugin?

@jarrod Thanks for pointing this one out.

@ndreas @pimoore which shortcut? I think there are a couple out there.

@ndreas @pimoore it sounds like you are publishing directly from notes.

@Archimage congratulations πŸŽ‰

@ronguest The took off the nails so now they are as soft as paws.

@maique @manton Now I'm staring down the rabbit hole of whether I should rewrite my headers so that I can have the touch target for the link be just a little bit bigger.

@manton Well, I underestimated how much time and effort I had put into this. If we were strict HTML 4 it would be the second one because the headers are block elements and the link is an inline element. Luckily HTML 5 says we're good either way and we all pass!