@Archimage more and more I feel they don’t want to have empathy because it would make them think about what they have done and the negative consequences.

@pimoore please take care of yourself.

@JMaxB “correlation is not causation” - Heard that somewhere

@amit some of the original devs have branched and made the following software.

@JMaxB only if the facebook message contains a very pixelated and cropped image of the article headline.

@manton can I get in on this as well?

@jean it looks like you changed your profile picture and it looks very nice.

@vincent I really like this a lot!

@val @warner Thank you for checking it out. I was kind of surprised more people didn’t do the same thing.

@pimoore some could call it… … … a switch.

@kimberlyhirsh how is the challenge going? I’m actually writing less than I normally do.

@vincent I feel the same way when I was testing the beta. I had chalked it up as the beta doing extra logging but was a little disappointed when the official release came out.

@kimberlyhirsh That sounds reasonable. Do you mind if we both check in on each other and meet that goal?

@kimberlyhirsh For your April challenge are you planning posts in advance or letting the inspiration come to you?

@Archimage Someone said "this is feature complete" and then moved on. It's so weird that they have all this money but don't have it in the budget to make sure they have people to work on things like this. #WhyIsMyFavoriteThingNotBeingWorkedOn

@Archimage Security through obscurity or poor implementation... somewhere in there is the truth.

@canion hairy like animal 🦁

@kimberlyhirsh I’m happy to help. Would you like to see more pictures of my dog?

@kimberlyhirsh That's cool! I've sent you an invitation. I hope the best for you!

@Miraz Yes, that's exactly what happened!

@Archimage Good to see you writing again.

@Archimage sometimes that happens. I hope that things get better ❤️‍🩹.

@Archimage Sleeping in before driving my kids to various activities.

@Burk hugo/ theme

@Cheri And look at that, complete misinterpretation based solely on my own bias and an article title. I'm part of the problem.