Blockquotes in MarsEdit

MarsEdit has a wonderful feature that allows you to take a snippet from a website and start a post to put in your own page.

When I use it, I feel like I’m closer to some of my favorite blog writers.

There is this problem… I told myself that I’m not going to do another technical project until I finish the Hacking with SwiftUI challenge.

But… I think going a little into customizing some software shouldn’t count, right?


I was looking at the text that MarsEdit brings in and started thinking about the template for it.

Default Quick Post template

It just didn’t feel like that was really the style that I was going for. It kept nagging me… Is this the most semantic way to show a block quote?

Boom! I started a search on DuckDuckGo and fell down a rabbit whole with questions about <blockquote>, <cite>, and even the <q> which I’ve been using in the last several posts1.

I’ve been going back and forth with MDM, html5doctor, and w3 schools. I finally just went to the site and will be happy to use the following.

New quote template

I would spend the time learning how to put the raw code into this post but I spent an hour looking into this.

  1. This research is part of the reason that I’ve told myself to limit it to one (1) project at a time. ↩︎