Goals for being an officer in Toastmasters

I wrote the following email and sent it to my fellow officers. I haven’t heard back but it’s only been a day and we’re all getting back from the holiday.

Toastmaster International LogoHello, I’m sending this to all of this year’s officers.

I want to get it in writing what your goal is for yourself as an officer and to have open and honest communication with the people that I share the responsibility of leadership of this club with.

So… Why are you here?

I’ll go first and I’m going to be brutally honest.

1. I don’t want the club to die.

Yes, I know I don’t “own” the club. If I was get another job outside of FTB, I’m sure that the club will continue in one form or another. Still, this club allows for people to become better and seeing how many people have come to our meetings and then moved on is a good reason to keep it going.

2. This is an opportunity for me

We’ve got a lot of people who have been part of the club and then moved on to “bigger and better” things in their career. I want that too and this is a great way to show “leadership”. In addition, there are things that I wanted to do more of and this gives me both incentive and leverage to do that.

3. I do enjoy toast masters

This can be a lot of work sometimes and there have been times that I wanted to walk away, but I do enjoy working with all of you.

I’m hoping that me sharing this with you will get you to think about your own motivations and what you want to get out of Toastmasters this year. If you want to share, feel free. I added everyone in the Bcc field so you can share with just me or the other officers at your digression.