In my home, I’m the one who wakes up and makes sure that everyone is able to get to where they need to be that day. In a lot of ways, I help set the tone for how the morning is going to go.

I hear the alarm and then stumble out of bed and go down stairs to make lunches and coffee for everyone else and then wonder why it took me 20 minutes to make two sandwiches1.

I then grab the dog so that she can go for her morning constitutional and I can listen to 10 minutes of whatever podcast that I have queued up.

But today was different, I didn’t grab my earbuds or play the podcast through my iPhone. I just walked in silence.

I saw the sunrise in my apartment complex and thought about how nice it looked today.

Sunrise over parking lot of cars.

I rarely find myself having moments of peace and condtentment, but I think I found a little bit of it here.

  1. I’ve been told that my sandwiches are pretty good and I like to live up to that standard. ↩︎