We’re very fortunate to be able to get our children cellphones at a reasonable price thanks to hand-me-downs and Mint Mobile. It’s definitely not a necessity, but has made things a lot smoother when it comes to communicating with the kids about their various after school activities.

Although the youngest hasn’t always followed through on making sure that her phone is on the charger every night as part of our agreed bed time routine. And, last night, my wife and I couldn’t find it. She had fallen asleep and we didn’t want to wake her so my wife and eye had to creep around the house like mice trying to find that last little bit of cheese.

The next day, I asked my daughter where it was.

She said that it was in her binder.

We hadn’t looked through it.

We hadn’t even thought to look through it.

Was it because we trusted her that we don’t look through her stuff?

For and instant, I thought about saying “Do you want us to start going through your things?”

I decided not to. I want to keep this feeling of mutual trust. The trust that I have no reason to go through her bags and that I’m only going through her things I need to.