Last night, the air conditioner stopped working. This made for a very long and very hot night. Unfortunately, this causes me an enormous amount of stress due to the fact that I’m renting and the lease is set to renew in October.

With the housing and rental costs going up to unheard of levels, I don’t really want to make waves.

What if this is going to be a huge repair? I’ve been at this location for more than a decade and although I’ve been a good tenant, I don’t know my landlord. With the amount of properties that he owns, he uses another company to manage everything.

To him, I’m a number occupying a space and the cost to keep me here and to fix the A/C might not be enough compared to the amount of money he can get from renting to someone else.

I feel stuck as I don’t think I can go anywhere else even as rents go higher and higher.