Went into the office today.

I went into the office today to have a little bit of a change of pace as my productivity at home has kind of wound down in the last couple of weeks.

I had forgotten how much of a hassle it can be.

First, I had to pack up my laptop. And even though I didn’t need to pack all the dongles because I have a docking station at work, I still need to unplug my current home set as I don’t have one here. Working from home is only a “temporary thing”1.

Then I had to drive in, find parking, badge in, and clean my desk area. All things that aren’t too bad when I compare it to not getting a paycheck, but time consuming compared to just getting to work when I’m ready.

And after that…


No magic.

No automagic switch that turns on the magic productivity.

I’m the same person.

I’m doing the same thing.

This time, I have other problems like getting my laptop on the company’s Wi-Fi that doesn’t recognize the device.

  1. There is nothing so permenent as temporary. ↩︎