The Apple events are usually fun for me. I usually put it on my calendar and watch them live either by myself or with a friend. This year, I went over to a friend’s1 home and we watched it live as they announced all the different products.


And I think Brianna Wu has summed it up better than I can.

I mean, I really enjoy my Apple Watch and my iPhone Se, but I don’t see enough in this event that would make me want to upgrade. I mean, money is tight and a lot of this is a year over year upgrade over something that I already have.

So, I’m happy for everyone involved. Apple will still be able to make billions in the holiday quarter as people try to get the latest iPads for their kids to do their school work or dabble with making better home videos.

I’ll see you at the next event!

  1. We’re both vacinated. ↩︎