Being drunk means never having to say your sorry

About two days ago, I had a friend start shouting some stuff in a group chat that a few of my friends were in. Nothing wrong with that by itself, it’s a private chat that we use our personal devices to connect with. The problem is that some of the stuff was just 100% not cool and we could all tell that he’d been drinking that night.

I didn’t make a big deal about it but thought I’d text him the next day privately to ask him if everything was alright. The text messages had gone out on a school night1 and from my experience it could mean something more.

Here is basically what the text chain was. No changes to highlight that I don’t edit my text even when I post them for you fine people.

Are you ok?
Ya man….why?
Picture of conversation
I was talking shit man…and then talking about baseball…the Giants. I see now I wrote decisions when it should have said “division”. Then talking more shit. Sorry, I’ll add more emojis from now on.
Do you think I care about the emojis?
I’m ask about you.

Wow, you can really feel the drama there…

Anyway, I haven’t heard back since, and I’m not going to wait around for an appology.

It’s just kind of weird for me to have this kind of reaction.

  1. I’m no longer in school and I call any Sunday through Thursday night a “school night”. ↩︎