Due is Helping

This was originally two messages that I put in discord, but I thought I’d put it on my blog for others to see.

I’ve been using the app “Due” to help me track things like medications for me and my dog as well as a wind down for work. The issue is that I’ve got 7 reminders for the day. Is there a way to sort these into folders? Should I put the effort into that because as I type it, it feels a little petty and sort of like pushing food around on a plate.

I haven’t really had the problem of tons of alerts when I open the application that some people are having. I think this is in part because the things that Due is reminding me of are usually pretty small and when I’m not doing it, the reminders (every 15 minutes) help. I also have them spaced out. For example, I have one for the dog at 6:00 and me at 6:15. Sometimes I’ll go into the app before hand to mark things off before they are due