Should I work on a new theme?

I’ve been thinking about this for a little bit of time after putting some effort into the Pure theme. Pure is a very nice theme that makes it very hard to read to content and using HTML5 semantics. I really think that most people will be happy with it.

But I’m not most people.

I like working on projects and tweaking a personal web design is one of those projects that don’t really have an “end”. It’s actually because of that fact that I decided to write down whether or not I should start another project to make a theme for Hugo/


I have two main reasons not to create a new theme.

Focus on other projects

I’ve got responsibilities to other people and to myself at this point. There is always an opportunity cost when working on personal projects. Time spent in front of the computer moving elements around on a page can be hard to justify when you only have so many of them in the day. For example, I’m writing this now and I’ve clocked in about 15 minutes.

Not needed

To be honest, a lot of my writing goes to in the form of small post. I think I average about a 800 - 1000 words a month. I’m already using the Pure theme mentioned earlier for users to see the longer post if I write them. Based off of my other designs, the one I’m thinking of making will be a lot like it except that I have different taste on things that most users will never, ever come across.


Of course, there are reasons to make a new theme as well.

Learn Something New

Web design is always changing terms of technology and taste. It’s important to keep learning in order to keep those brain cells moving.

No stress activity

Well, with a site that is here for my personal enjoyment, I don’t have a feeling that it needs to be perfect. It can just be that thing that I poke at.


I’ve decided to work on a new theme. Now… all I got to do is think of a name.