What deserves to be shared

I’m self aware enough to know that some of what drives me to write on this blog is to communicate and share my thoughts and feelings on various things. Some would call it a little narcissistic.

That being said, I do come across things that I would like to share. For instance, I came across a post by my friend Adam on Mastodon and I want to put it on my blog. I sometimes wouldn’t know how I should go about doing that. Should I just put the link into Micro.blog? Apple Notes? What about a third party application?

I took a step back and remembered that I had put sometime into saving bookmarks into drafts1.

I took a fair amount of time reading over the IndieWeb during the creation of the labarum theme but I’m still having trouble getting it absolutely “correct” because some of the examples that they point to for replies, likes, and articles are returning 404 pages.

Still, I’m pretty confident in the site as it stands and will continue to use the Microformats Parser as part of the process.

My current Web Capture Template will be the following until I get some time to rethink things.

# [[title]]


    <a class="u-in-reply-to" rel="in-reply-to" href="[[url]]">


<p class="p-summary">Begin response here</p>

I’m planning on making it so that I can select some text and get the draft ready to send to my blog. Otherwise, I’d just send the link directly to someone2 who is interested it.

I think the second hardest part was getting it to stop making the smart quotes.

We solved the “how” but now “what”

This will be an ongoing question. Everyone’s blog is a personal platform and when we put something on it, we are broadcasting a little bit of who we are.

With the recent turmoil of what used to be twitter and reddit, I feel that user created content needs more avenues for discovery.

People used to call it the social graph.

As my site is a node in the social graph, I’m going to post more stuff that interests me.

Sure, you are going to see repeats from other places, but that’s ok.

  1. Drafts does have a tag line that it’s where text starts. ↩︎

  2. This is usually via text message to my family and friends or to my favorite discord. ↩︎


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