Media Review: Gen V (Episode 1-4)

Poster for Gen V tv show

I’ve been anticipating the Gen V series for months. I really enjoy things that are created in the TV universe of “The Boys” and its take on the superhero genre. It pleases both the part of me that enjoyed the over the top violence of 80s and 90s action movies with the part of me that wants a little more depth to the characters in a show.

The season really starts off with a bang that I was afraid would cause my wife to stop watching. But it’s important. Important to the characters involved and important to the viewer to be reminded that things like this happens more often than anyone admits in The Boys universe.

A lot of things happen.

If anything, it might be considered a negative that so many things happen. Gen V premiered with three (3) episodes on the first night. This season has 8 episodes total and after watching the fourth, I’m afraid to say goodbye to these characters that I’m just getting to know.

The important thing is that I want to know these people. At first glance, they do come off as 20 something archetypes that you would see in a show like Dawson’s Creek or Pretty Little Liars. Full disclosure, I don’t typically watch those shows, but the issues of eating disorders, personal identity, and more are prominent in the show. I applaud the show for bringing these up and understand that they can’t go into too much depth with them as we move along with the plot.

And what about the plot? It’s pretty good. We’re halfway through the season as I write this and I’m going to be sad that it’s going to end.


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