What is my rating system?

I have a couple reviews in Letterboxd. While I was thinking about how I would rank them, I felt it writing it down would help me.

I finished this but I regret it.
I’m glad someone was given a chance to make this. Hopefully the next thing is better. Still, I would be hesitant to try anything that boasted about being “The people who brought you X”.
It’s alright. I liked it enough. I would watch it again if it was on and enough peer pressure was applied.
I definitely would watch again. I would recommend it to others. In fact, when I’m feeling overwhelmed with all the possibilities, this might be something I put on instead of something new.
Loved it!

Strangely enough, I don’t write a lot about the things I love on the internet. I feel it might be because it _is_the internet. Years of seeing things being ridiculed makes me hesitant to express a strong feeling about something.

I feel that I’m ready to do that more and more now.