Six Months without Reddit

It has been so long, I do not remember if this was the logo.

It’s been more than six months since Reddit cut off Apollo, and I’m fine with that. At first, I did go through a significant amount of withdrawal because Reddit provided me with an endless supply of new things to look into. It really worked towards that slogan of being the Internet’s homepage.

Still, I have that ache in my heart of hearts where I want to find new things on the Internet. I took some time to look into alternatives for Reddit and some of them are just… bad… not bad in the interface but bad in the sense that they have horrible content on the home page. I’ve learned the lesson multiple times that you should listen to people when they tell you who they are, and some of these sites are telling me that they are not worth my time.

I’ve found myself doing more and more things with, discord, and mastodon. In a lot of ways, this is more engaging because I’m finding new people first and then the content that they link to. Versus looking at whatever is hot and then maybe glancing at the name of the person who posted (or, in the case of reddit, reposted).