The 100

For years, I would hear people say that it takes 100 days to develop a new habit. I didn’t set out to do that. I wanted to write on a more regular basis and just started writing on November 1st of last year. I was determined to write something every day and post it.

What was the experience?

Sometimes it was actually pretty stressful coming up with something to write about. Some days were just one-liners that I would have just tweeted. Sometimes Many times, it was a picture of my dog; who I think deserves her own blog.

What if I annoy people who were reading my site and they go away? Well, I didn’t have that many readers anyway, and my pieces are typically very short.

The benefit of being semi-anonymous was that I honestly couldn’t tell if people liked it or not. It was kind of freeing and let me think about how I was writing.

I started exploring more into what it means to be the first audience for my writing. That doesn’t mean that I spent a lot of time agonizing over making things perfect, but it did mean that there were a couple of posts that took more time to write.

What’s next?

I plan on stopping the daily post for a couple of days and working through some of my post ideas that I’ve been putting into Drafts. The more ideas you capture, the more ideas you make.

I also want to start highlighting some post from other people on the internet. I love the web when it connects us with cool ideas.