Getting a different feeling from my email

I’m never going to “win” the email game. Getting to Inbox Zero is just a short phase between increasingly regular instances of Email Bankruptcy.

Time and attention is money and your inbox is just one way to get just that.

Or worse.

The inbox is where you get your tasks, bills, and that one chain letter that you have to forward to prevent Y2K.

But I had something cool happen to me recently.

I wrote a personal email and got a response.

It wasn’t long. Just a couple sentences.

But it made me feel good and I hope that it made the other person feel something other than dread when they look at their mailbox next time.

With all the push for making connections with personal blogs, I feel that a push for personal emails should also get a moment to shine.

So what am I going to do?

I’m making a rule that if you want a friendly email from me, send an email to email @ my domain and I’ll respond. It’s not going to be a long email. It’s not going to be deep or introspective. It’s just something that will be in your inbox amongst the crud other emails.

I’d also like to challenge you to send emails to your other acquaintances. Just reach out. You never know.

Have a great day.

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