🍿 Dune (2021) - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

Dune (2021) movie poster
Movie Poster for Dune (2021)

I really enjoyed this movie. It definitely deserved to have a sequel. That being said, I wouldn't take the time to watch it again by myself.

It’s phenomenal views and a cast of characters and actors that kept me entertained and following along with the plot. I really think they did a good job in showing what Paul and his family is going through and not relying on narration.

If I have all this praise, you maybe wondering why I didn’t rate it higher. Well, it comes down to the fact that the movie doesn’t completely standalone. I watched it knowing there was going to be a sequel. Unfortunately, I thought “Will modern audiences be ok with the movie ending where it did? Will I be ok with it?”.

I find myself bumping this up a star while writing this review because this movie did something. It brought me and my family closer together. We all saw it and then made plans to see the sequel.

So, I suggest you go see it too, but be aware that it will be the setup to something bigger.